gut-Hotels booking-card. Vorteile: Keine Kosten, aktueller Treuerabatt von mindestens 5% auf Direktbuchungen für Übernachtungsleistungen, zum Buchungszeitpunkt der tagesaktuell günstigste Preis
direct booking - immediate profit

1. The booking-card is a loyalty card to make use in all participating hotels. Participating hotels can be viewed on page. The Franz Tranow KG would like to reward guests for their booking behaviour with special services reserved only to the holder of the booking-card. Editor of the booking-card is the Franz Tranow KG as licensor of the participating companies.

2. The booking card holder may provide the Franz Tranow KG with personal data. The Franz Tranow KG can solely use this data for informing purposes, such as newsletters, mailings. Use of data is done within the applicable data protection regulations.

3. The card holder receives the right to make use of the services associated to a registered and personalized booking-card by completing registering the booking-card on the website or by release of the booking-card application. The booking-card is holder personalized and non-transferable. The card holder has to claim the booking-card benefits at the respected hotel. This is done by submitting the signed and personalized card or by photo evidence on the smart phone or similar electronic device.

4. The use of the services is conditional to the guest´s so called direct booking. This direct booking is made directly at/with the hotel (without detours) by phone/fax or as an online booking on the hotel ´s own web page or the of the gut-Hotel website.
Bookings with reservation systems or with other third party services (for examples vouchers) is not classed as a direct booking as the hotel would be subject to commission against this agent. This instant booking applies to all bookings associated with the service of an overnight stay on part of the hotel. This includes arrangements, packages or similar offers. However, special corporate rates or individual price arrangements of the hotels are only booking-card compatible after consulting the hotel.

5. Essentially the cardholder´s benefits lay in the guarantee of booking at the lowest cost, on a daily basis, and to ensure beyond a regular customer discount. This regular customer discount, a minimum of discount, which is valid in the same way in all program participating houses. This minimum of discount can increase due to individual special offers on part of individual hotels. The individual discounts or other services of the hotels are available on the dedicated website (

6. The card holder will always have the right to no longer obtain the advantages of the booking-card. For this purpose, the registration must be cancelled by a written notification from the card holder to the gut-Hotel central office. Due to the cancellation of registration, benefits will no longer apply. The personal data of the cardholder will be deleted and no longer used for informational and advertising purposes.

7. In reverse the Franz Tranow KG reserve the right to withdraw the offer and services of the booking-card. If this should apply, cardholders would be informed by mail within a 4 week time limit of offer closure or as an announcement on the the website

8. By signing the card application or the online registration, the applicant declares that he has read the conditions of participation of the booking-card and has agreed to conditions. The storage and use of data is carried only by the Franz Tranow KG. Disclosure to third parties.

9. Any person at the age of 18 and above is entitled to register. The booking-card is free of charge. Providing the following information, applicant´s name, address, date of birth and if necessary signature (if requested by the card application) are perquisite to receipt the booking-card. The Franz Tranow KG is entitled to refuse the registration of persons with good cause. Furthermore, in case of misuse, the Franz Tranow KG is entitled to exclude booking-card holders.

10. Only one card per person may be requested and put into use.

11. The applicant assures the accuracy of information supplied on the application/online registration. The Franz Tranow KG is to be notified immediately of changes to the data.

12. A free of charge relacement card will be supplied by the Franz Tranow KG, if requested and to a maximum of one replacement per year and person.

13. After receiving the booking-card the holder is obliged to enter his name and to sign the card. The Franz Tranow KG remains to be the card owner.

14. The card holder is obliged to give the Franz Tranow KG written notice in case of no longer requiring the booking-card. The cardholder´s personal data will be deleted and the booking-card is to be returned to the Franz Tranow KG or to be destroyed.

15. The Franz Tranow KG is entitled to use the personal data for advertising purposes (by e-mail, mobile services or by post) if the cardholder consented in the usage of personal data for advertising purposes.

16. The consent in using the personal data for promotional purposes is not a requirement to receipt the booking-card. This consent can be withdrawn in writing at any time without notice of reason.